Joint Venture

The Latin American Art Pavilion, (LAAP), offers ongoing professional support to mid-career Latin American artists, orienting them with regard to the right steps to create a potential niche for sales to selected groups of collectors, and to insert themselves into the global art market (particularly Latin American contemporary art). Its founder, María Nápoles, has a vast and comprehensive knowledge of business and art.

Her professional background includes many years of experience as an executive of global companies such as Volkswagen of America, and as Executive Director of the arteaméricas Latin American Art Fair, in addition to the creation and development of her own companies focusing on different fields of business, the importance and place as the PAMM is giving to the art of the Caribbean region is highly appreciated by developers and partners artists residing in Miami region collaborating and promoting it for years

After so many years of working in the field of art, her passion for art has inspired this need to develop a concept that envisages providing artists with platforms to exhibit their work and opening up a space for its diffusion and potential sale, including publications in magazines, a professional website, a sales team, catalogues, and above all, the contribution of a professional curator with an extensive career as an art critic. He will provide the Pavilion’s artists not only support but consistent tutoring throughout the year.