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Latin American art is celebrated once more through the pages of Edith Monge Silva's book, “Latin American Artists,” published by Five Innovations Art, which will be presented on October 18 at 6 pm at the Art & Design Gallery, within the framework of an exhibition that presents the works of the 32 protagonists.

The purpose of this book "is to facilitate the discovery of plastic and audiovisual arts, in its various forms," says the editor, who actively promotes the inclusion of art in public spaces and organizes exhibitions that intersperse different artistic disciplines.
On this occasion, the designer firm Rei Giraldo created a suit for its 2018-2019 collection of the work "Dariku 1” of photographer Karelis Ollarves, which will be exhibited along with numerous T-shirts intervened by artists and will be on sale for the benefit of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Latin American Artists provides an approach to the work of Adriana Plaza, Alejandro Szilágy, Alexandra Cerutti, Alexandra Poleo, Alexandra Salazar, Anirays Camino, Arlene Valarino, Carlos Tirado, Cesare Giuffredi, Dilza Araujo, Genesis González, Gina Castelo Branco, Irene Zundel, Ivonete Leite , José Margulis, José Varela, Karelis Ollarves, Karine Kischinhevsky, Katia Yachmann, Luciana Severo, Marco Caridad, Marianela Holly, Martin Schoffel, Mercedes Cisneros, Milagros De Armas, Pamella Herpio, Patricia Lopes, Patricia Ortega, Rafael Muci, Ricardo Garcia, Teresa Cabello and Wilfredo Brazón.
Edith Monge Silva is a journalist and also the author of books of various literary genres. As an art promoter, she publishes books and organizes exhibitions of Latin American artists in Miami.

Thursday, October 18th
6 - 10pm
Open Bar
Hors d'oeuvres

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